ZEVON RELATIONSHIP at the Family Reunion?

I said the other day that Warren Zevon might show up at the Family Reunion. Bet you weren't expecting this. Now, maybe it's just me. Maybe others don't notice the Zevon look, but you won't convince me otherwise.

And notice the apron. She's the other person wearing an apron. An apron with pockets! Do love those pockets. Good place for storing bits of flour, hairpins, recipes torn off the sides of cans. Apron pockets. A repository of everything kitchen.

Now, are the pieces starting to fall together for you? You can see the little boy with the cat. Think this was his mom? You can grab all the shots and put the puzzle together.
Only two more people to go. Today the winner of the Warren Zevon contest shines.
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  1. You're right! That really does look like every photograph I have ever seen of Warren Zevon.

  2. I just plain don't trust this woman.

    I want to know what dishes she made... cuz I ain't eattin' none of it.

  3. Ah, Eloh...you might be onto something. Wait for the final chapter.

  4. It's Warren Zevon's mom! She doesn't look too happy. Makes me think that they had to surround her to keep her from running away from the picture taking!

    "No, no! I must get back to my baking! The pies will burn! They'll burn, I tell you!"