Excuse me ma'am, UMMMMM...

...there's something sticking out of your head.

hair do not_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

When I bought this I thought this woman had spun her hair into a tight weird tinsy tiny bun on the back of her head. Oh my. Why didn't anybody tell her? Then I scanned it and blew it up and saw it was a comb. Fancy comb. I think I preferred it when I thought it was hair. Either way...not working for me. I keep thinking, "How many channels could she pick up with that thing?" Or was this an eating utensil she kept handy? Spoon at one end, fork at the other.

Well just bless her heart. I hope she had a good life. And did she will the comb to someone? Was it her signature piece?


  1. I bet it usually sat further down on her head but the photographer or someone had her pull it up higher so it could be seen.

  2. That could be. It does look so odd because it's not like you'd see on perhaps a Spanish dancer where there's a large comb sticking up. This thing looks a bit spoon like. I know I've never seen it on any other photos from the time period as some sort of fashion.

  3. Aren't those the kind that hold up a mantilla? She doesn't really look Spanish though. She looks a little bemused.

  4. She looks full blooded Pennsylvania German so maybe someone went to New York and found this comb and gave it to her or sent it to her and then just never really described how to wear it. It could be just confusion. And who in PA out in the rural area have any idea. It might have been quite exotic. She does seem pleased.