FRANK likes to lean

This is Frank. Frank is a leaner. Do you know about leaners? Have you seen pictures of leaners? My best friend and her whole family are THE leaners. You know, like Frank, they lean in to make sure they're close to their loved ones, in the frame.

I believe Frank is also possibly a grandfather. He looks like a nice one. Very calm, content. Which woman do you think he's married to? There's still one more, so if you're pickin' from what's been shown you might be wrong. But I'm tellin' ya I think he's leaning into her.

Two more photos left. So if this has been painful to watch it will soon be over. Do stick around for the punch line. I think it's worth it.


  1. Frank and Em are the parents of No Name (who is married to Fred and Floyd is their daughter) and Fern, who is the children's mother and perhaps a war widow, Mr and Smith are Fred's visiting uncles, and I have no idea who Lalea is, although she's probably Frank and Em's daughter or Fred's sister.

  2. Ohhh, I Like Frank!

    You knew I would.

  3. I believe you've done it again Maureen. I'm thinking I need a little Arlo Guthrie circles and arrows on the back to make things clear for whomever finds this photo in the future.

    And yes, Dia. I KNEW you'd LOVE Frank.