"My daughter Pearl and myself taken Dec. 1924."

Things are playing out rather strangely today all because of a post I did last night at my other site, Tattered and Lost Ephemera. And now I thought I'd post this innocent photo and suddenly it seems odd to me because of the looming shadow in the lower right corner. Okay...let me explain.

Last night I posted an ad from a 1919 Chicago high school yearbook at my other site. It's an odd ad, to say the least, especially considering the time period. It shows two boys, one cross-dressing in a girls dress and shoes. It was the reason I bought the book years ago on eBay. I've always wondered about the ad. What possessed the company to run this? How was it received by the community? So I began doing a little googling for information and before I knew it I realized there was something even stranger in the book. I discovered the high school graduation picture of Richard Loeb of Leopold and Lobe fame. Not at all where I expected my day to go. Suddenly I'm reading about the horrendous murder this fellow committed in 1924 and feeling a little dark. So I come here to post this sweet photo of a father and daughter and notice the date 1924 and the shadow. Yup, I'm deep into it now. And no, this father and daughter have nothing to do with any of it. They're just innocent bystanders, or in this case skatestanders, of the darkness.

If you enjoyed the photos I posted days ago of the high school class from Virden, Illinois you might enjoy where I'm going this week at my other blog. I'll be focusing on this yearbook. Posting images of Loeb and then just regular yearbook stuff. It's actually a fascinating yearbook having been published just following the end of World War I.

This really confirms that you just never really know where ephemera will lead.

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