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Another school class photo to be deconstructed. Sadly, it has a large tear with tape on it, but still worth the pittance I paid for it.

Little girls with hair bows lined up in the back rows. I will say that this class had some of the most good looking boys in it that I've ever seen. Really stunning boys that must have had the young girls hearts a flutter.

No information on where this was taken.


I call her PEACHES...

for no particular reason.

LAURA Playing Her Harp in Her Boudoir

Our final glimpse into Laura's life. A boudoir shot. Did she have two harps or did she have to drag this one through the house? Was the house single floor or did she bump this thing up the stairs?

So we leave Laura alone with her thoughts and her harp. Well, she's not really alone, is she? The photographer is there and most likely her mother...and the person shining the bright light.

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Now who in the heck were these taken for? Who was it that her mother wanted to impress? Create your own story.


LAURA Playing the Mandora in the Living Room

And Laura continues to play and pose. Here she is, again in the living room, playing another instrument. This time it's a mandora.

So, what do you think these photos were for? Was her mother in pursuit of a suitor for Laura? I'm baffled by Laura moving around the house posing for photos with her instruments.

As I've said in a previous post, I hope she played the instruments well. I can easily imagine some visitor coming to the home, the mother bustling about saying, "Laura, play something nice for Mr. Butterkins." And then turning to Mr. Butterkins and saying, "Let me get you some tea Mr. Butterkins while Laura serenades you." And did he smile weakly, a quiet pained expression, as Laura moved from instrument to instrument making sounds usually only heard in cat fights, but looking very pretty doing it? And did he finally just say, "Ummmmm...I'm actually here to talk to talk to you about life insurance."

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LAURA Playing the Violin in the Living Room with Mother Reading

Laura's mother is the one who wrote everything on the back of all of the photos. She seems to have adored Laura. Let's hope Laura adored her back.

This is another view of the living room from the opposite direction.

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And here, the only shot of the mother.


LAURA Playing the Harp in the Living Room

And so we meet Laura. I have no information about who this woman was, but she played a variety of instruments. Whether she played them well...I don't know. I have a story in mind that she was doted upon by her family, but really had no talent. You know those sorts of parents. They say their child is a genius and no child outshines them in art/music/sports, etc. Was Laura a child like that? Or was Laura a very gifted woman? We'll never know.

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LAURA'S Living Room

In this living room, from long ago, a young woman named Laura, with musical inclinations, played various instruments for her mother's pleasure.

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More to come.



This vintage snapshot is a recent acquisition. I know nothing about the man other than what is inscribed below the image. I find the idea of standing on the top of one of the Golden Gate Bridge's towers terrifying. I love the bridge, but no amount of money could get me scrambling around on the structure, especially when it was being built.

Geo. McLeod is a hero to me.

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To see a post card of the bridge under construction click here. To listen to an interesting news report from the San Francisco Public Radio Station KQED click here and then click on item 23. To read a brief history of the bridge click here. To read about the men who built the bridge click here.