Harold Bateman Roberts and Laura Mae White were married on June 21, 1939.

Harold was born, I believe, Dec. 19, 1906. Laura graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California in 1936. This would make Harold around 33 and Laura around 20 when they married.

I never knew these people.

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The wedding photographer was Witzel-Los Angeles. I don't know if this Witzel, a Hollywood photographer, was the same photographer, but I'm guessing it might have been someone from his studio.

This calendar page is from their scrapbook.

Before being married, Harold had spent many years traveling on various adventures in the U.S. Coast Guard. Specifically, he'd been to Alaska on the USS Northland multiple times.

All of this was purchased several years ago at an estate sale at the Roberts' home. I do not know which of them had most recently passed. In fact I do not know if they were even still together.

At the sale I purchased many photographs, a photo album that contained photos of Harold and various friends before his marriage, and a scrapbook named "Harold & Lolly." I'm still disgusted with myself for not buying his Alaskan adventure album. It was several hundred dollars and they did try to convince me to buy it. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I will always be sorry I didn't. There was an entire office filled with his memorabilia, including a lot of old movies he'd shot in Alaska. I was told there was someone coming from Hollywood to purchase the movies.

Below are a few more newspaper clippings from their scrapbook. And you can click on the labels (Roberts) or do a search of this blog (top left corner of blog) to find more photos of both Harold and Lolly that I have posted over the years.

There were also many photos of a little girl that I purchased, but I have no idea if she was theirs. There are a lot of wedding cards and anniversary cards in the scrapbook, but no birth announcements except for one small one that might have been for Laura.

Below are two handmade cards that are also in the scrapbook. No idea who made them.

If anyone ever finds anything about Laura Mae White Roberts or Harold Bateman Roberts I'd love to hear about it.

For now, they'll always be a mystery in which I know just enough to make me even more curious.

This is my last August submission for this month's them on Sepia Saturday.


The LOVELY BRIDE and How Google Screwed Up Everything

In keeping with this month's theme for Sepia Saturday I give you a bride and groom who look like they were meant to be, as opposed to the last couple who looked—as Little Nell aptly put it—like a post mortem shot.

If you've been following this blog for a few years you might remember George and Gladys Kallman. Following George's death I ended up with the family photos though I never met George or Gladys. It was through my friend Bert that I received the estate collection. Bert didn't know George either. There were no family members who were interested in the collection so I was thrilled to get it. As long as I have it it won't be broken up, but as to who collects it next I have no control. 

I do not know the names of these two other than the last name Kallman. I believe the fella might be George's uncle. To see more Kallman family photos simply search the name in the "Search Tattered and Lost" at the top of the left column. 

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This photo was taken at The Johnson Studio at 1028 Market Street in San Francisco. You can see another photo taken at the studio here. Unfortunately you won't be able to see it larger because thanks to Google's ineptness in getting rid of Picasa they have also managed to get rid of many links to photos. Thanks Google! Keep up the good work just like your stupendous Google+ nonsense, always cutting edge. Seriously, none of my previous posts using Picasa allow you to see images larger. Oh sure, I could spend eons going back and trying to fix the mess Google has created, but I'd rather not add it to the list of things I need to deal with. Google is now officially Microsoft '96 only worse._____



Seriously, when the preacher said "Do you take this man..." did the bride look into these eyes and think, "Ummmmm...maybe not."

I've never seen eyes like his; they're almost skeletal. And the fact that the bride looks like my best friend's youngest son just adds to the strangeness.

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I'm betting the wedding party was pretty wild. What do you think? Don't even get me started about what happened at the bachelor party!

This is my first wedding photo for this month's Sepia Saturday prompt. More to come.



The Sad Story of SPOTTIE

When I found this image I read the back and immediately put it back in the box because it hurt too much. I didn't want this story following me around. But then I thought about it and realized I was the very person who should have it because I would always remember Spottie.

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Though this photo has nothing to do with the Sepia Saturday theme this week I just wanted to post and say I will be posting several theme photos this month so check back in once in a while. I have some very nice wedding shots that I purchased when I thought it was a category I'd like to collect. Well, I lost interest pretty fast because I realized the only thing that interested me were the gowns. That being said, I do have a few odd wedding images I think you'll enjoy. So come back in the coming weeks.