Deconstructing UKIAH GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1928: Part 4

I'm liking these little outfits many of the little girls are wearing. They're little dresses with matching pantaloons. I don't remember ever seeing this type of outfits before.

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Deconstructing UKIAH GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1928: Part 2

Deconstructing UKIAH GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1928: Part 1

Ukiah, California is a town located in Mendocino County in Northern California. My family once had a large ranch near Ukiah, but it is long gone.

I'm going to be deconstructing another school photo for several days; cute kids every single one of them.



This is one of those shots that would quickly get thrown back in the bin when I'd be sorting. It's in the category "pose for grandma" which is generally pretty doggone borin'. However, there's not much you can do when the shot comes glued in an album. So since I'm having a busy day I'm going to subject you to this category. I'd have preferred it be "eating watermelon" or "cutting the cake" or "fart fairies" or even "pigs eating watermelon." Yeah, I'd really have liked it to be a pig eating watermelon shot.

We'll give this one a subcategory...ummmm...girls standing behind garden, no wall, no garden, no...girls standing in front of telephone pole. Yeah, that's it.

Click on image to see it larger, though I don't know why.

Category: Pose for Grandma; subcategory: girls standing in front of telephone pole.

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Again our country moves peacefully forward thanks to, or in spite of, its citizens.


DANNY KAYE look alike

Today is Danny Kaye's birthday. Hard to imagine, but there are people who don't know who he is, or I should say was. I've written in the past about how much I adored Danny Kaye as a child, going to see him in both D.C. and Hawaii, and having him stuck in traffic in Waikiki on a rainy night in the car next to ours.

The fellow in this photo reminds me of Danny. The photo is, as it looks to be, a very small postage stamp. It is perforated with glue on the back. I've never seen anything like it before and have no idea when it might have been produced.

I decided to post it today in honor of Danny. He brought my best friend and me immense joy.



These fellows are from the same page as all the previous young ladies from Bill and Dick's Excellent Adventure album. I do not see either Bill or Dick in this shot, but then I'm not always really good at spotting them.

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As to the purpose of this gathering...haven't a clue. Well, that's not completely true. I did find this odd object in the hand of one fellow. Part of a baseball bat? Any guesses?

And now gentlemen, time for some of your close-ups.

If nothing else, they're men in hats.



The last of the ladies on the one page in Bill and Dick's Excellent Adventure album.



This hairstyle would later become popular in the 1950s with guys who wore white t-shirts with a pack of cigarettes in their upturned sleeve.

Another from the Bill and Dick's Excellent Adventure album.



This hairstyle reminds me of one that became popular in the 1980s. It was big hair, but usually teased. I don't know if it was Bananarama or Madonna who started the style, but it was pretty dreadful. At least this young lady isn't a teased rats nest, but seriously, how do you walk around with this all day? It's got to be moving on its own. How often did the weight of it just drop it right down onto the forehead?

This photo comes from the same page as the chrysanthemum lady. It's from the Bill and Dick Excellent Adventure album. To see other images from Bill or Dick's album, I can never remember which one actually put it together, click on the "Bill and Dick" label below.




"Lady, I'm tellin' ya, a hundred years from now they'll still be talkin' about you and that there chrysanthemum. Take my woid for it."

"Well, okay, but I'd preferred something a little more cheerful. I mean, won't people be wondering why I'm staring at this flower?"

"Nah. They'll love it. I'm tellin' ya, they'll love it. They'll think youse was some kind of botanist."


Happy sombrero FIESTA TIME!

Who doesn't like a sombrero? A sombrero with pom-poms. I'm guessing there are some people who went on cruises who bought HUGE sombreros thinking they were grand, got back on the ship and couldn't figure out where to put it, then got home and thought, "What was I thinking?"

I do not own a sombrero. I have enough sense to know not to buy funny hats on vacation. The tri-corner my father bought at a convention in Boston will need some explaining upon my death.

In keeping with this week's Sepia Saturday of a woman on a beach I give you a vintage snapshot of...a woman on a beach. Unlike a previous sombrero post I did in 2010, this woman clearly loves her sombrero.



When I first saw this vintage photograph I thought it looked like one of the phony old style photo studio shots available at fairs and some tourist spots these days.

What would these two look like in today's street clothes? Would she be wearing walking shoes with the horrible day-glo color stripes? He'd be wearing a baseball cap, brim forward. They'd both have on fanny packs.

Joyously, they are right where they're supposed to be, back in the early part of the last century.

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JOINED at the hip

Why do I imagine these four ladies moving in unison, joined at the hip, baby steps? No matter where they went it was step, step, step. Over to the edge to look over the cliff? Step, step, step. Perhaps they took their act on the road. Let's call them the Hip-sisters. Then again...have there ever been siamese quads?

Click on image to see it larger.

If none of the above is true it just means there were four close friends with really bad taste in clothes.



I have a new blog called Tattered and Lost: Traveling with Charlie. I am being honest when I say it may be the most boring blog ever. It will last no longer than one year and consists solely of photos of a man named Charlie. That's it. I'm not kidding. I warned you...boring. Each week there will be two photos posted of Charlie in some location in the United States. Well, that's not completely true because he did visit Canada so we'll all need a passport for those shots. Charlie stands and Charlie sits. In a few cases Charlie dances. Pretty basic really. So tell your friends who think blogging is a waste of time to check out Tattered and Lost: Traveling with Charlie. They'll be able to look you straight in the eye and say, "I told you so."

CUBA, 1933

Blurred, but still stylish.



In keeping with this weeks theme image at Sepia Saturday I give you some patrons and staff at an old restaurant. These folks do not appear to be having the same level of fun as in the Sepia image, perhaps because the alcohol is not yet flowing.

I have no idea where this restaurant stood, I'm not even sure of its name. It appears to be Palaislel Union with Cosmopolitan Exchange next door. I have not been able to find anything about the restaurant or the exchange. I can say the image was purchased in Eureka, California.

They are an interesting mix of characters. The fellow with the crease looks like he might have been a butcher, but no, that is just damage to the image running down his white robe, not blood. And the fellow to the left of him looks like he might have been just as comfortable on a riverboat as on shore. I think the fellow on the right, second in, is probably looking at the lads in the Sepia image and wondering how he can get there.

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Pushing LUMBER

All along the Pacific Northwest we live with the history of the lumber industry, present and past. I have no identification as to where this shot was taken, but it could be at a number of ports from Northern California on up to the border with Canada and beyond.

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