LADIES of the kitchen

This is not the first time I've featured my category: over the shoulder in the kitchen shots. In fact one of them was a Sepia Saturday post in December of 2013. So it is quite fortuitous that I have a new shot to add to my collection right as Sepia Saturday has a woman doing some pie making as the theme.

I think these two could use some nice captions. Any suggestions?

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I'm especially worried about the whip cream on this pie. If it looks this bad now what did it look like an hour later? I think the snoopy lady on the left shares my concern. I'm guessing the gentleman is worried about his stomach later that night, but won't get involved in the current possible dispute. He probably brought along a bottle of Pepto-Bismol since he's been to these events before. I'm guessing it's Thanksgiving since the calendar says "November 1956."

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This is my contribution to Sepia Saturday this week. I've been gone, even when I was here. Long story.



Seeing a lake go nearly bone dry can change your perspective on a lot of things. Worrying your well will do the same thing causes some quiet anxiety.

I don't know where this lake is, but I'm guessing California. It just looks like a California reservoir. Well, what our reservoirs once looked like. These days those buildings would most likely be high and dry.

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I'm glad I'm used to the idea of saving water. I remember the drought in 1977. My folks were trying to sell their house and they had to let the lawn die and most of the plants. The idiot neighbor dug a well and bragged about how much water he was getting. He was too stupid to know all of that water was coming from my folks house as my dad tried desperately to save several trees.

When I moved to Los Angeles I was stunned by the stupidity I saw regarding water wasting. We were taking two minute showers in the north and in LA they were still hosing a single leaf off the sidewalk in Beverly Hills. I'm betting things haven't changed much in Beverly Hills and Bel Air with this current drought. I don't imagine the owners of those mansions have many brown lawns. I'd like to think they would, but I'm betting against it.

UPDATE: Thanks to Intense Guy we now know that this is the Pit River Bridge at Lake Shasta in Northern California.
The highest combination road and rail bridge in the world, the Pit River bridge is also the highest rail bridge ever built in the United States. Constructed in 1942, the colossal cantilever bridge was a necessary component of the Southern Pacific railroad relocation from the construction of the 602 foot (183 mtr) high Shasta Dam. The creation of Lake Shasta resulted in a dozen new rail tunnels and 4 towering trestles.
One of the highest concrete dams in the United States, the 602 foot (183 mtr) high Shasta Dam was constructed just downstream of the confluence of the Sacramento and Pit rivers. Extensive surveys were made prior to the dam’s completion to find the most suitable spot for the rail line to cross the deep canyon of the Pit River. The abutments had to be founded on soil that was not prone to landslides once the steep slopes became saturated with water. A route that would have closely followed the nearby McCloud river was changed for just that reason. The final route required large bridges across several major creeks including O’Brien, Doney and Salt in addition to the two big river crossings of the Pit and Sacramento. (SOURCE: Highest Bridges.com



FOOTBALL fans in 1954

It's November 1954 and Princeton is playing Yale. We can once again thank Donald G. Schnabel for these snapshots. And again I'm able to find theme photos for Sepia Saturday because of Donald.

Imagine getting dressed up like this to go to a game. People don't even get this dressed up to go to work. Well, not in California. Different times nicely captured in old 35 mm Kodachrome slides.

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This first shot is of Betty with a fellow who was in some of Donald's shots from Paris that I posted in January. No idea who he was.

The rest of these folks are all unknown, but oh my they look so stylish.

Oh yeah, the game. Views of the game from the nosebleed section.

Who won? Scroll down to find out.