Was the woman really as carefree as she appears? Was she putting on an act and as soon as the photo was taken she scowled and stomped off? I'm thinking she might have just danced away, onto the porch, and with a quick wink, disappeared into the house.

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There's a reason a lot of people think collecting old snapshots is stupid. They see bins of pose-for-grandma shots and wonder what's wrong with people. They themselves have been in plenty of pose-for-grandma shots and remember how boring it was to take them. Why would they want these stupid photos of strangers? Could this be why selfies have become so popular? "Hey grandma...look at this!"

I have to agree that this "category" leaves me cold. You really have to look hard to find something interesting. I think the worst are people posed in front of bushes. There's just nothing to work with. At least here we can speculate that perhaps the fella in this shot tapped some ashes from his cigar into the babies playpen. Of course, this could just be the revenge of some grandparents posing for a boring shot which they planned on sending to the people who sent them the boring shots.

Click on image to see it larger, but really...it doesn't get any better.

And note to snap shooters...try and include people's feet. Back up a few inches or tilt the camera. Just don't keep cutting folks off at the ankles. I remember working on a book that had lots of photos and they all seemed to cut people off at the ankles. It was not a book about footwear, but still, it would have been nice to see people well grounded and not just stick legs. Just thought I'd mention this.

In fact, think how much nicer this shot would have been if it was taken closer. After all, isn't it the faces you're most interested in seeing? You want to remember grandma's face, not her footless ankles.


NOT George Jessel Playing Cards, but...

I should be keeping this image for next Christmas season, but I just love it so much I have to show it now. This is an image given to me by my best friend for Christmas.

Click on image to see it larger.

A time-traveling-celebrity for sure if you remember George Jessel. If you don't remember George, well...I'm sorry. George was old school vaudeville who became famous for being a toastmaster at all sorts of events.

And for those who think of radios as something the size of their iPhone or smaller, take a look at the behemoth in the background. That's a radio that would be full of beautifully glowing tubes. When you turned it on it came alive after warming up.


SIX MULES and some bells

All you needed were six eight mules and a harness with bells and you were in business. Oh sure, you needed a wagon or two, and some rough and tumble fellas to drive the rig, but if you did you would surely garner the attention of a fair maiden with a camera.

Location and people unknown. Time period long ago when farming was done by people, not corporations. Oh wait, corporations are people too. I nearly forgot that little gem of wisdom.

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Young Ruth Morris at age six had the uncanny ability to levitate when standing still. The longer she stood in one place the higher she went. As Ruth grew into a teen she took a job at a dry goods store which worked out fine when a customer wanted something off the top shelf, but when she was in her twenties the levitating became a problem.

At age twenty-two Ruth took a job at a department store with a very high ceiling. At first they tried her out in the perfume department, but with the long times spent standing waiting for customers Ruth proved to be a problem for building maintenance. At least five times a day a hook and ladder was required to bring Ruth back down behind the counter. They moved her to housewares which proved a bit better for Ruth in that she was able to put large pots on her head keeping her from hitting her head on the ceiling. Eventually the final nail in her merchandising coffin came in the furrier department when a woman looked up to see a raccoon coat floating near the ceiling causing the woman to faint and roll down the up escalator.

It's said Ruth was the inspiration for the balloons at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, but I never said she worked at Macy's. That's just a rumor.



I ask you, are these three women related genetically or are two of them related with a third a young daughter-in-law who still keeps her distance?

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Raise your hand if you think of a duck when you see children wearing these sunbonnets? It's not really much of a stretch if you remember the '50s.


Simple JOY

Sometimes it's the very simple things in life that can bring joy.

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Time-Traveling-Celebrity ALAN CUMMING

This is a different sort of post for me in that I'm posting an image for sale on ebay. I've no extra cash to buy it, but this one fits my category "Time-Traveling-Celebrities" so perfectly. It pains me to think someone else will eventually own it, but it will now forever be linked with the rest of the celebrities who thought they could get away with sneaking around in the past without being caught.

I give you Alan Cumming, Time-Traveling-Celebrity.

You can find the item here on ebay. The seller has it listed as "Guy in Tie and Hat." Yeah, sure. We know what's going on and I think Mr. Cumming is happy to have been caught.

Sorry Alan, someone other than I will have to take you home.

If you're not acquainted with this peculiar category simply click on "time-traveling-celebrity" in the labels below.


A cure for the WINTER DOLDRUMS

Winter getting you down friend? Looking for a cure for those January doldrums? Wishing you could go on a picnic where you'd eat cake and watermelon? I've got the cure.

Tattered and Lost: Cakes, Picnics, and Watermelon will bring a smile to those winter chapped lips. It's the perfect cure-all for rheumatism, hangnails, cold feet, runny noses, and that weird twitch you occasionally get in your eye that just won't stop no matter how many times you hit yourself with a two-by-four.

Available at Amazon and CreateSpace. The perfect winter tonic.


ALONE in the booth

What was she thinking when the flash went off? Did she later regret not taking the purse strap off her shoulder? Did she wonder who the person was who preceded her in the booth who'd worn the floral blouse?



I've had a death in my family and I'm longing for happier times. This little snow bunny makes me smile.

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