NOT George Jessel Playing Cards, but...

I should be keeping this image for next Christmas season, but I just love it so much I have to show it now. This is an image given to me by my best friend for Christmas.

Click on image to see it larger.

A time-traveling-celebrity for sure if you remember George Jessel. If you don't remember George, well...I'm sorry. George was old school vaudeville who became famous for being a toastmaster at all sorts of events.

And for those who think of radios as something the size of their iPhone or smaller, take a look at the behemoth in the background. That's a radio that would be full of beautifully glowing tubes. When you turned it on it came alive after warming up.


  1. A real Americana portrait. Beyond Vermeer and not quite Rockwell. The antimacassars are a special detail. Can we imagine a suitable Christmas melody playing on the radio?

  2. It is an amazing shot. Sometimes it's hard to believe how some snapshots go beyond their intended purpose. And you taught me a new word. I always just called them the doilies grandma had on her chairs.

    For some reason I'm imagining Auld Lang Syne playing.