SUMMER at the Lake

Maybe it's just me, but I'm convinced there was a lake nearby. I'd like to think it was Tahoe or Donner because they're both very important in my life. The reality is that this could be anywhere pines grow. Vintage images travel long distances once released from their original owners. So if it makes you feel better to think they were in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York go for it. We each bring what we want to vintage snapshots.




My dad used to read to me every night when he was home. The first few years of my life he was gone a lot during the Korean war. Then for many years he was traveling making training films. But when he was home bedtime meant story time. I don't remember my mom reading to me, but she probably did.

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I love this photo of the woman and child snug in the hammock on a summer day. Close your eyes and imagine the sounds of her voice and the birds in the trees, the feeling of a breeze lightly touching your skin, and the warmth of the child's body next to yours.

I was thrilled when I found this photo. It is featured in Tattered and Lost: The Quiet Art of Reading.

This my contribution to Sepia Saturday this week.


We'll Never See All of His RIGHT HAND

The interesting fellow with the thin fingers and the odd hair has a secret. We'll never actually know what his right hand looks like. I'm presuming it's just a reverse of his left hand, but who really knows. Not exactly one of the mysteries of life, but come on. Open up your right hand.

Interestingly, her hand looks the same as his only smaller. Same long fingers. Shall we call them slim pickens?

The real joy in this photo is seeing him and the lady so happy. At least he appears happy. She looks content. Sometimes content is enough.

And I finally found the first photo I'd posted of him back in November of 2014. For him, his hair is a bit messy and I feel as if he's about to tap-dance out of the frame at any minute. A little shuffle off to Centralia.




At some point in the past I featured this fellow, but now I can't find the post. No problem; I have two more photos of him. I'm fascinated by his left hand. Such thin fingers. Did he play the piano? He has the hands for it; or at least a left hand for it. He has the hair for it. Can't you just imagine him striking the keys madly while his hair flies around? Or perhaps his hair didn't move. It is a strange hairdo.

As to what "Deluxe Centralia" means embossed on the card...don't have a clue. Any ideas?



It's always sad to find an image like this with such damage, but it's nice knowing that it can be easily fixed with Photoshop. She's shop worn and was tossed aside. I liked her and respected what she was doing. She was stylin'!




Dad always thought he looked a bit like Kevin Spacey, even though Spacey hadn't been born yet. That was one of the things we celebrated about dad...and also something the neighbors thought odd.

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TEPEE in a Field

No idea where or when this shot was taken. A legit pow-wow? No idea.





The Boys of SUMMER

Summer isn't officially here, but the weather outside would beg to differ. And this week's Sepia Saturday image has that wonderful carefree summer feeling to it.

The strange photo below is my response. I actually have never been able to figure out if this is a double or triple exposure. There's so much going on in front of the young fellas standing by the river. Someone flies through the air while someone below takes a running stance about to charge towards the photographer. Heatstroke. That's what caused this image. No other explanation. Someone forgot to advance the film.

Saddened to hear of the passing of one of our fellow Sepians. Thanks to the net Barbara's hard work will live on.



A PICNIC Would Be Nice

A few weeks of dealing with caregiver things followed by three days in Humboldt County for the Kinetic Sculpture Race has me a bit tired.

I could use a nice quiet picnic by a stream. But this shot has me curious. Who took the photo? Was there a fifth person at the picnic or was there another couple and one of them didn't want to appear in the photo without their partner? It's a thought that often crosses my mind when I find a group snapshot with an even amount of people in the shot. I seriously doubt that it was someone walking down the stream who said, "Hey, want me to take your picture?" And most blessed is that it's not a selfie.

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