This hairstyle reminds me of one that became popular in the 1980s. It was big hair, but usually teased. I don't know if it was Bananarama or Madonna who started the style, but it was pretty dreadful. At least this young lady isn't a teased rats nest, but seriously, how do you walk around with this all day? It's got to be moving on its own. How often did the weight of it just drop it right down onto the forehead?

This photo comes from the same page as the chrysanthemum lady. It's from the Bill and Dick Excellent Adventure album. To see other images from Bill or Dick's album, I can never remember which one actually put it together, click on the "Bill and Dick" label below.


  1. Goodness. It looks like this poofy style is made up of different hair pieces (the rolled side, the up-and-over top). Never saw anything like it til now.