HARVEST Time Has Come

It's harvest time here in the Wine Country which means the grape crush is on. How do I know the crush is on? Because I can hear it. I mean REALLY HEAR IT! All day and night the wineries are working, and there is a metallic thunderous sound that can be heard. Manmade thunder cracking the silence of the night. It's okay, it only happens for a few weeks then things get quiet, except for the annoying tourists with their winery maps.

The leaves on the vines are starting to change and soon there will be rivers of color bursting along all the hillsides, flowing up and over into the next vineyard. Mile after mile of them.

This is the only time of the year I can stand the vineyards. The rest of the year I detest them. Too much land is now devoted to vineyards and only vineyards. Hillsides have been destroyed, forests clear cut, other crops displaced. I call grapes the yuppie crop. Only those with full pocketbooks can afford what grows around me. It doesn't feed anyone.

I have no idea when or where these harvest photos were taken.

Click on either image to see it larger.


  1. I've never heard grapes being crushed, so I'm no farmer, but I think both wagons are just hay, which I believe gets cut most any time the sun shines.

  2. Such evocative photos. Haunting images.

    If I had to guess where - I'd say North Dakota.

    1. I agree. There seem to be a lot of people who moved from Nebraska to Northern California. I find farm shots from Nebraska all the time.