EM is sitting on a step

This is Em. That's the name written on the back. So just like Floyd will forever be Floyd, Em is now stuck with Em. I wish it had said Emma.

Strangely, what I'm most curious about is her blouse. What color is she wearing? Pink and white? Blue or light green and white? I know, I know...not important, but helps me fill in the pieces. Gives some life to the photo and the woman. I want to know if it matched the skirt. I want the details. Okay, you know it already...I want to be there. I want to know where they all went when they broke up from this shot. Were others taken because the photographer was worried that it was risky to take just one because something might show up ruining it? Voila! Something does show up to ruin it. I will save that for the last post. It's nothing bad, it's just something that makes it come alive. Something to make you, dare I saw it, guffaw. Yes, you will guffaw. A quick guffaw upon seeing what went wrong. But that's still 4 days away. So just enjoy Em. Today's vernacular photography star.


  1. You sure this isn't Floyd?

  2. Geez I'm glad somebody else said that. I've been thinking it all along, but thought I'd just settle back and wait. She really does have a masculine side, doesn't she?