FLOYD standing on the front porch

It says "Floyd" on the back of the photo. I know, I know...that just doesn't make sense, but I have a female relative on my mother's side that was related to my grandmother named Floyd. I do not recall what her full name was. But she was Cousin Floyd. Of course in this case it's always possible she's not Floyd, the person who wrote the names just wasn't very good at flipping the photo over and putting the name in the approximate place on the back to correspond with the person on the front. But let's make it easy. She's Floyd. She will now always remain Floyd.

Of course...there's always the possibility that she is a he named Floyd. I seriously doubt it. This is the reason you must be very very careful when writing names on the back of your photos. Get it right or someone down the line might be really embarrassed.

Anyway, I think Floyd looks very stylish. Interesting chain around her neck. I sort of expect to see glasses hanging from them. And I see she has a handkerchief clutched in her right hand. Hot day? Getting over a cold?

I can tell you there is only one person in this group shot who is really putting forth a smile. Floyd is not that person.



  1. I think there was an aunt Floyd in my past somewhere. I think it was a commerative middle name. Like Anna Floyd or something like that.

    And I knew a Winnifred called Fred or Freddie.

  2. That could be it. A middle name. Unfortunately I have no one to ask anymore from my mother's side of the family. Left with just bits and pieces of memories. People I never met.

  3. Not a he, waist is too teensy.

  4. Yes, that tiny waist is really something. She looks like an interesting quick individual.