I'm going to give you pieces of the whole. Not everything at once. Basic reason is it really isn't a very interesting photo. A group of people standing in front of a building. But individually, I get a kick out of it.

It appears to be some sort of family reunion and I'll be doggone if I don't keep finding photos of this same group at the flea market and antique store. Now, this is the most interesting of all I've found. You'll have to take my word for it. You'll see as the Family Reunion unfolds. Some of the other shots they're just sitting on steps and not all of them are in the shot.

Today I introduce you to Grandpa. I don't know if he's grandpa. Haven't a clue as to who he is or where it was taken. He could just as easily be the elderly uncle or a neighbor or a shoe salesman the family really really liked. If you prefer the shoe salesman idea just go with it.

Just wanted to direct your attention to a new photography blog I've posted in the left column. It's called One Man's Treasures and has some really interesting work. Well written and insightful.


  1. I'm totally thrown here by the background... looks like part of the sitting room wall outdoors.

  2. Ah ha! My plan is a success. Total confusion!

  3. I came over to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment but then I got lost wandering around here and looking at your photos of "found" family and reading your amusing posts! I love the Grandma with the knife picture....what was going on there. Now I'm going to go browse your ephemera blog...lots going on here!

  4. Scrap for Joy thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed the valentines you posted at your site. I'll have to scan some of mine to post at my ephemera site in the next few weeks. I'm always amazed at the variety of cards that were produced. I never seem to find duplicates. Everybody has different cards in their collections.

  5. Grandpa, who just happens to be a shoe salesman, looks like he's had some fine dining over the years. So, do his pants actually come down over the tops of his shoes, cause I'm thinkin' with them hiked up under his armpits like that...maybe not! ;)

  6. Susan, I once did work for a publisher who wore his pants way up high above his waste. He also had webbed toes. I can still remember thinking when he wanted to rename his company why not just call it Web Foot Productions. Of course that's probably a joke only people aware of web printing would find even slightly humorous. He was also married to a woman who had a children's show in the 1960s. Going to their house and seeing a table covered with puppets and her in a see through blouse scarred me for life. She was very nice, but my childhood memories were never the same.