Granny, moments before becoming a POD PERSON

Some photos defy comment...but not this one. It's odd. No doubt about it. Probably not in its original context, but now, decades after it was shot and the little lady and dog are long gone...it makes me laugh.

granny at the salon_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

I'm sure you'll come up with your own ideas as to what's going on. I've always favored the first thought I had upon seeing this in a box...pod people. That lamp is going to get her. In just a moment it's going to lower onto her head and turn her into a pod person. It's an ominous lamp.

Second idea: really odd beauty parlor with odd hairdryer. You get permed once you never need to be permed again.


  1. Funny picture - like so many of the old ones. But lots of fun to look at. The comment I would like to make is on the chair - Swedish modern. Those are so comfy - we had two for a long time and they were great. And a few years ago I was going to a beauty parlor where they did have those chairs under the hairdryers! Carol

  2. "Give us ze pie recipe. VE HAF VAYS UF MAKING YOU TALK!"

  3. You know, I was wondering if that chair was comfy. I couldn't decide if she was happy or not in the chair. That is very funny that a salon actually had some.

    Yes! Give us the pie recipe or we release the lamp on you! Good one.

  4. "Click on image to see it larger"... not on your life.

    This is the most innocently creepy photo you've posted....

    Well, wait a minute, I'm remembering those "kids" around the Christmas tree....

  5. I always secretly laugh when I put the "click on image..." line, almost putting it there as a dare.

    Perhaps there's a situation comedy to be had using the lady in this shot and the kids in the Christmas shot. Syfy channels first sit com!

  6. Well, she looks like an old sourpuss, so who cares?!! LOL...JK

    Sun lamp? She looks like she could use one!

    p.s. I'm sooo behind in commenting!