Saying good-bye to THE VIRDEN CLASS OF 1929

The last day of the Virden Community High School class of 1929. I seriously doubt that any of the people shown the past few days are still alive. If they are, they're around 98 years old. So it's always possible. I hope they had good lives.

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Virden HS_7_tatteredandlost

Virden HS_8_tatteredandlost

Virden HS_9_tatteredandlost

I don't know why looking at faces of long ago high school students is fascinating. It goes beyond just seeing the fashions of the period. I guess it's the wondering about their lives. They were just about to head out on their own. Did they screw up their lives as badly as so many of us do? Were they happy at the end of their lives? Were their lives cut short? They reflect back all the joy and fears we all go through. I guess it's because we see ourselves in them.

Virden Community High School 1929_tatteredandlost


  1. Enrique Sanchez11/24/2010

    I am endlessly fascinated by old photographs, especially high school yearbook pictures from yesteryear!

  2. I agree. Unfortunately I rarely find any. I find some yearbooks but the seller is always asking too much money for my meager funds.

    I hope someday someone from Virdin finds these and leaves a post.