Once again I'm going to deconstruct a photo so we can focus on the individuals. Together it's just a group shot. Nothing really special about it. Separately we're looking at individual lives separate from the whole.

I don't know if you enjoy these or not, but for me it's too easy to simply look at the whole and not notice the details. You know how much I love details.

There is some writing on the back of the card which seems to correspond to specific people. So when I can I will give the names. Unfortunately some of the names have been cut off. The photo is mounted on board and at some point trimmed down to the outer edge of the photo.

For today we unfortunately have no name. He is one of the people whose name has been cropped, though it does appear as if it began with "Mr". This leads me to believe he is not family, merely a friend. I'm thinking a fairly pious man from his body language. Or perhaps hellfire and brimstone. I could go either way.

And you should be able to click on him and go to the larger image. This photo is being kept at Picasa. I've never figured out why sometimes it allows photos to be clicked on and other times nothing happens. Thus the reason I usually use Flickr. Picasa is too often a problem.

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