Now I don't know if this kindly lady is a granny or an auntie to the crowd that has gathered. She is one of two who prepared the food. One of two wearing an apron. I'm imagining it was a good big country table full of farm fresh foods, lovingly prepared. Everyone went home or to bed with a full stomach. Okay, maybe they had to use Pepto-Bismol. Maybe they weren't good cooks. But she looks like she would have been a fine cook. A really fine maker of pies and cakes. Probably never used a recipe book her entire life.

And aprons. I miss aprons. All the pretty colors. The fun pockets on the front. I still have one hanging in the kitchen that belonged to my maternal grandmother. I wear it when I bake because...ummmm...I have a tendency to get flour everywhere. I'm talking from my face to the souls of my feet and on every visible inch of the kitchen. People have to come in wearing toxic waste suits to clean-up when I'm finished.

Today it's her day to shine. She's the star.

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  1. Doesn't she just look like everyone's granny? She's the universal granny! She could be in any family picture in the whole country!

    I have several aprons hanging in my pantry and I always forget to put one on until after I've gotten stuff on my clothes.