FERN is the cat that ate the canary

This is Fern. Another one of the people whose name begins with the letter "F" in this group. There are actually 4. Doesn't that seem like a lot? Frank has yet to make his appearance. Frank is very casual. You'll like Frank.

Fern is the only one smiling in the shot. Okay, maybe it's not a smile. Maybe it's gas. Something she ate. She does look like the cat that ate the canary.

She's dressed very nice, as are all of them. But Fern is the only one carrying a purse. Was Fern hoping to make a fast get away as soon as the shot was taken? Or was she just passing down the street when the family said, "Fern! Fern! You must be in our family portrait. Come along now. Just set yourself down here next to Mister. We don't know his name. He's just Mister. You'll like him Fern. Really, you will. He's rich...in spirit."

Then again I'm also thinking she might be married to Fred. They are sitting near each other and they somehow look like a couple. She would be better with Fred than Mister. I don't think anyone was with Mister. Okay, I don't see her with either Mister. Mister Smith or Mister old gray beard.

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