THE BUNNY that came to the Family Reunion.

There was a bunny at the reunion. A sweet big eared bunny. Now was the bunny a pet or dinner? I know, horrible thing to say, but when you see the final shot tomorrow you might understand why I'm thinking this.

Putting the pieces together it seems to me that this nice man with the bunny might be the father of the little boy with the cat and married to Zevon. Perhaps he's also the father of the young Sophia. All guess work. No truth to anything I say. Just blather.

The man with the bunny is the star today. Tomorrow the last face and the whole picture. I know, you couldn't be more bored.


  1. You've got a funny little thing going! Old pictures are just amazing. I do so wonder about what my relatives were getting ready to do or had done in some of the old photos I have. Just love them. And who is Warren Zevon? Looking forward to the disclosure of the entire picture. Good job! Carol

  2. Warren Zevon was a rock musician was is probably best known for the songs "Werewolves of London" and "Excitable Boy" that were released in the late 70s. He died in 2003.


  3. That bunny might feed two people. There really isn't anything but two very small front legs and the two hind quarters.

    Wild rabbit was my favorite food as a child... and had I to do all the "cleaning".

  4. Some information I should just keep to myself.

    Why do I feel the need to share?
    Brain cramps, huge brain cramps.

  5. Yes, but see...that's what I like about Eloh's world. Brain cramps in Eloh's world always make me sit up and go "Huh?" Need a lot more "huh's" in each day.

  6. No, you've got it all wrong! He's Boo Radley's older brother! The evil one who tortures pet bunnies! He had just gotten out of the insane asylum the day of the reunion and everyone was just a lit-tle bit uncomfortable standing near him, especially with him holding their beloved Thumper. Suuurrre he's rehabilitated!