MEET FRED sitting on the porch

Meet Fred. Fred is sitting on the front porch while several others sit on steps. Three people got chairs and sat on the porch. Two stood. The rest sat on the steps.

Fred has his legs crossed and seems ever so slightly comfortable in his position as the center of the photo. Fred looks suspicious of the photographer. He is analyzing the moment, the situation. Was Fred himself a photographer about to say something highly critical of the person taking this shot? Or was Fred just suspicious of this particular person? Or was there something behind the photographer that worried Fred?

Though Fred does not wear a wedding ring I have to wonder if the woman in front of him is his wife. She is the only one smiling. Her name is Fern and you will have to wait to see her. Of course it is possible Fern is his sister. I haven't a clue.

But today Fred gets his moment in the spotlight. It's Fred Day all day.

Come on Fred, lighten up. It's your day! Smile darn ya, smile!

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