The YOUNGEST FEMALE at the reunion

I believe this young lady is a daughter of one of the people in the line-up, but I'm not sure. Could the one from yesterday be her sister? Or was she her mother? It's always interesting to look at facial structure trying to figure out which person fits in where. And is the reunion progresses there will be more questions. Which ones the grandma? Is the man a son or a husband or both? And what about that rabbit? Pet or dinner?

More to come tomorrow.

Oh, and I forgot to ask, did anyone get a slight Ingrid Bergman vibe from yesterday's lady?


  1. I did! I did! Call on me. I think this one looks like Sophia Loren!

  2. Oh yes, you're right. There is a bit of that young slightly awkward Sophia. Well, this family is suddenly going from being a rural middle American farm family to one with an international flare.

    Still to come...Warren Zevon. I'm not kidding...in drag.

  3. She does look like Sophia

  4. A little bit chunkier Sophia Loren, to be sure! And I didn't catch the resemblance to Ingrid until you said it here. Maybe they were all movie star stand-ins!