LALEA with her feet firmly planted on the ground

This is the very stunning Lalea. She looks so elegant, beautiful. The more I look at this photo the more I wish I could step back in time and be there. I want to experience the day, the moment. I want to hear the sounds, the voices, the birds, the crickets. I want to know what they were talking about, why they were gathered. Was it a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday? Or did this group of people simply dress like this each Sunday for church? Is this a Sunday afternoon gathering? Seems too formal for that.

Somedays I just feel sad when I look at old photos because I want to know more and know I never will. I want to understand the relationships, what did they do with their lives? Yup, I wish I had a time machine. Wish I could scan a photo and punch in some data and say, "Take me there. Take me to the moment this photo was taken." I have to satisfy myself with closing my eyes and imagining a story, adding all the textures to make it seem more alive.

Now I hope when you click on the photo of Lalea Picasa comes up with a larger shot. If it doesn't work let me know and I'll reload it at Flickr and add the html link.

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