Have you been thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Been pouring over every single interior design magazine hoping to find the perfect counter top, perfect cupboards? Thinking of double pane windows? Wanting to tear your hair out because of all the possibilities?

Well, stop your complaining and take a look at this. We're talkin' basic kitchen. Counter tops...wood. Cupboards...wood. Windows...WHAT WINDOWS? I'm thinking Lincoln Logs.

Click on image to see it larger.

I doubt this woman had very many grandiose ideas about her kitchen other than wanting help and a chair to sit down on. This is your basic kitchen, country style, around the end of the 19th century or beginning of the 20th. It was hot when it was hot and it was cold when it was cold. The wind blew through day and night. I don't know where this shot was taken, but I'm hoping it wasn't anywhere near snow country or she also had to deal with snow drifts when she walked from one side to the other.

So if you're thinking you'd like to go with a rustic country look for your kitchen remodel print out this vernacular photograph and hand it to your interior designer and watch their eyes spin when you say, "Could you match this? Of course with a stainless steel fridge."


  1. We have an outdoor kitchen at our cabin that is nicer than this. We are so spoiled nowadays aren't we.

  2. Yes indeedy we are spoiled rotten and have the patience levels to prove it. Should we be suddenly required to cut the wood to feed a wooden stove, mill the grain, etc. I think most of us would starve.

    Fascinating that you have an outdoor kitchen. Do you also have one inside for cold days or is the outdoor all weather?