Okay, I'll admit it, this ad isn't going to be of much help if you're hoping to buy camera gear for someone for Christmas. Kodachrome alone bit the dust this year. But if you were looking through the December issue of National Geographic in 1952 this ad might have given you all sorts of ideas. Yessiree, some film in the stocking and a Kodak under the tree. Good times. Good times. The beginning of the next years crop of vernacular photography. We benefit now. Will people benefit 50+ years from now from the pictures taken with this years digital cameras? Will there be any prints to survive. I hope so.

Kodak ad_December 1952_tatteredandlost
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  1. Price wise... oh my.

    A Brand new Chevy was less than 2,000. So these camera cost like a house payment or two.

  2. Yes, it's hard to keep the prices in perspective with today when a starter house costs half a million in California. Well, maybe not anymore. But still around 300,000.