MY BEST FRIEND meets Santa

My best friend, the one I've known for over 50 years, sent me her visit with Santa in 1951. I quote her:
I am chewing on a metal plane. Santa's assistant thought I was a boy and gave me the airplane. (so my mother told me. I don't actually remember this particular event.)
That's another thing my best friend and I share. People thought we were little boys during our first year. Oh the pain of it. Scared my life forever. Nah.

Dia_Christmas 51_tattered and lost

Now are there any other brave souls willing to step forward with their first Santa picture? You know you're out there. You know you're envisioning it in your mind's eye right now. Come on...be a sport. Send me a link or a shot. Watermark if you want and I'll leave mine off. Or tell me how you want it watermarked. Whatever you like.

Update: Now here's the spirit. Carol, from Funoldhag, has posted a shot of her children on Santa's lap in 1956. Thanks Carol for adding to the fun!


  1. I can't remember ever having a picture taken with Santa. Guess my bah humbugism goes way back.

  2. Well you know, I think you need to gift yourself with that this year. Suspend all belief and just go for it!

  3. I don't remember much about Santa as a child - maybe it was the depression. I do remember my Dad painting my brother's toy airplane, I think, so it would look new again. And I have a cupboard still that he made for me. We weren't showered with gifts at Christmas - but I still loved it. I have a picture of my little kids on Santa's lap on my blog. Enjoy your blogs! Merry Christmas. Carol

  4. Thank you! I'm posting a link to your site with the photo. Great shot!

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  6. We actually have a Santa posing for photos at the Plaza Hotel(I'm working there for Xmas, they've offered me a job after the holidays but the jury, ie me, is still out on that matter)so maybe I will. Hate having my picture taken since I'm 60 and it shows, but it might be a nice replacement for my Facebook ID with Ron Wood who I'm mad at because he left his wife for a 19 year old girl who he was arrested for beating up last week.

  7. Oh you've got to go for it! You can always put a big blue circle on your face in the photo, the blue dot. But you have to go for it.

    Yeah, Ron Wood...something about the name "Wood" or "Woods"...not a good week.