The eternal Santa question of "HUH?"

Now whenever I see kids on a Santa's lap I think of the scene in "A Christmas Story" where the kids are mechanically thrown onto and off of Santa's lap by an elf with a bad attitude. You know it's happening out there. Kids left in a daze thinking "What the heck was that?" Wandering off through the mall, tightly gripping their parents hand, eyes huge as they try to process this moment.

santa_cell_no._tatteredandlost copy

Okay, so this might have been a visit to Santa in jail. What unfortunately looks like bars on the window and his cell number in front. I know, I know...it's not, but it makes me smirk to think about it.

Now remember, if you have a shot you've posted at your own site of your encounter with Santa I'd love to have the link. Or if you'd be willing to post it here let me know. I'll be digging around to find my own.


  1. I guess it shows that I have the heart of a cynic, but that's hilarious. Watch those hands, San Quentin Santa!

  2. I had the same thought! I thought, hmmmm...do I mention the prison angle and risk someone writing and saying "Well, that's just not funny" or go for it. Glad to know someone else finds it odd.