SISTERS, SISTERS...there were never more devoted sisters

Sisters. My sister is my best friend. No genetic relationship. We chose to be sisters. These three are all related and apparently in August of 1908 in Pacific Grove, California (which is near Carmel and Monterey) decided to document this. The Blasdel sisters, all living in different places came together that August. And then they decided to send a copy of this photo to their friend Beatrice French Bolt in Cleveland, Ohio. Other than that I know nothing.

Click on any image to see them larger.


The real mystery is who is the woman on the back of the cardboard mount? A transfer off of another photo showing a woman in some sort of graduation robe. I bought this photo a long time ago and it was hidden away in the chest I opened the other day. I'd remembered the sisters, but had forgotten about the shadow woman on the back. Interesting, yes?


And it's Christmas time which means for me Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby in White Christmas which of course means I have this song running through my head. This movie used to be a holiday staple, now not so much. It's still one of my favorites.


  1. Was it ever a known practice to re-use that card stock?

    Lord...White Christmas was on earlier today. I didn't watch for just that reason..getting it all stuck in my head.

  2. I don't know, but in this case it's just a chemical ghost image. Not sure how it would have been done other than another photo sitting beneath the one of the sisters for a long time.

    Yes, I'm not ready for Christmas movies either. Once I have my tree up will be a different matter, but right now I'm still hitting myself in the head thinking, "Didn't we just have Christmas?"

  3. Ohhh you're playing our song!

    In the other version I Love how uncomfortable Bing is.. and how you can tell that Danny is enjoying every second of prancing and preening.
    I love Danny.
    But if we were preforming it, I know I'd be Bing, and you'd be Danny with the flourish!

    I was also delighted to see Baby Dia.

  4. I know. I miss Danny. Love Danny.

  5. I've come across a few transfers like this in my searches but never one as complete as this one. A great find!

  6. I thought it was amazing too. So clear, details. And I'd completely forgotten it was there.