Here's another oldie from last year that bears repeating. I will say nothing. It's all here within the shot. Some wonderfully odd family dynamics captured. Look into the details. It's just plain odd. I love this shot! Oops, I gave it away. A moment caught by the camera that told, most likely, nothing but lies.

Click on image to see it larger. The only way you'll really see the details.


  1. Heehee, either that kid is really camera shy, or is was just electrocuted with the cord to the tree lights!

  2. Oh Willow, click on the image. That poor boy has even more to worry about. Notice what is on the floor near his foot. Poor kid is despondent over his sister getting a football and drum. Meanwhile it appears they gave him a gun.

  3. Two boys dressed alike, two footballs and two drums... one kid banging his head on the wall....

    Good twin/Bad twin

    If he was being punished by his toys being "given" to his baby sister... more than my brain will allow.

    Reminds me of a rather sad Christmas when Santa made a "mistake" at my house.

  4. The funny thing and the saddest thing is we'll never know. When I bought this I just saw kids and a tree with toys. Then I blew it up and thought "Holy moly!" Again, it was all in the details.

    Do I ask about the mistake at your house or have you posted about that and I haven't yet read it?

  5. Did that go through?

    I find that more and more lately I am screwing up on the comments thing. I don't seem to push enough buttons.

    If there is a comment before this than please just disregard this.

  6. I'm always in retail for the holidays and I thought it was the reason I no longer put up a tree, but maybe it's really moments like this.

    By the way, did you see John Foster's creepy Santas at Accidental Mysteries yesterday? Very interesting.

  7. Eloh,

    I'm not sure what "that" was, but this is what came through.


    You're a heartier soul than me. I never go out shopping for Christmas because I can't stand the crowds. Everything is done online. Well, I do have fond memories of one holiday in NYC that I'll never forget. And I will be going into San Francisco next week just to look at the ice skating rink, ride the ferry, and look at the decorations at the Embarcadero Hyatt.

  8. Yep, I messed it up again. I'll try to remember what I said and try again.

    Yes it was this post that reminded me of the music box. I had a huge comment then realized that I should use it to satisfy my daughters requested post.

    I was going to mention this post, but I had decided last month to always ask first, as you well know, I can not be trusted. One minute I'm blogging about sunshine and puppies but before you can blink an eye I'm slinging around the f word or, sadly, worse.

    That being said, can I mention you up in the corner of my blog?

  9. Well, I'm sorry to bring back sad memories, but...I enjoyed your story. And for others to read it go to this


    Yes, Eloh, feel free to do whatever you want with my blog.

  10. Boy on the left: "No, mommy, *I* didn't murder little Timmy. I've just been sitting here playing with my football. He just accidentally got caught up in the tree lights and shot himself. He was like that when I found him, mommy."

  11. Yes! Yes! Perfect! I'm still laughing.