PATIENCE is a virtue

Patience is a virtue, but try telling that to kids as they wait for Christmas day. Not going to work.

This is sort of a strange place when you get into the details. The tv seems to be up on something like cinder blocks. And I'm enjoying the star studded sky backdrop between the tv and the window. Fun and interesting. I'm hoping somewhere beneath that tree are clothes for the dolls. Hate seeing "nekid" dolls being dragged around.

small apartment Christmas_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger. I swear that should be back up and working again.

Well it was their Christmas and let's hope it was a happy one.


  1. I thought that was four little dolls in front of the Christmas tree there. Got the shock of my life when I looked closer and saw two of them were real!

  2. They all look a bit alike. And then there's the one face down under the tv. Poor forgotten thing.

  3. There's a child face down under the TV?
    I missed that!

  4. No, no. A funny little doll face down. Basically a tattered and lost doll or at least ignored. It must be a very small apartment that has the table, tv, and couch all in one room.