Thinking of casting A CHRISTMAS CAROL?

Thinking of doing a production of "A Christmas Carol" and you want to cast someone who really can get into the part of someone from Dicken's London? Perhaps this lady will do. She has the costume, the attitude, and as you can see her latest 8 x 10 is framed as a period piece.

Dickens character_tatteredandlost

Okay, so I know nothing about this woman other than she looks very Victorian. She's been lost in my office for many many years. I feared I'd thrown her out, but yesterday I found her, and a stack of photos I'd bought 30+ years ago, neatly stacked inside an old wooden chest buried under various old table cloths. There's nothing written on the back and the photographers stamp is confusing. I've tried a variety of spellings but nothing shows up on Google. I can't determine if it begins with "Aee", "Acc", "Nee", or "Mee", but nothing shows up no matter what. Any ideas?

Update: Thanks to Robert at Live From the Surface of the Moon for the following:
I think it's Allderige Art Co., which was in Wallingford, CT.


  1. Ah, yes, I think she would work nicely as Scrooge's housekeeper!

  2. I've always thought she was such a dear little lady.

  3. I think it's Allderige Art Co., which was in Wallingford, CT.

  4. Thanks Robert! I've always just assumed she was some woman from the San Francisco area, but this now adds a bit more mystery for me.

  5. Makes me grateful that I don't have to dress like that because the reality is, even the appropriate shoes and undergarments were a drag to deal with.

  6. Yes, the thought of those button hook shoes makes me shudder. And corsets? Who the heck came up with those? I recently found some ads for undergarments that just made me sad to think women had to wear those things.