Dags att bjuda adjö till SVERIGE

Thank you Google Translator. With the aid of this 21st century software I can say "It's time to bid adieu to Sweden" and have it turn into something I don't even recognize. I'm hoping the headline actually says this and not "Dogs eat buddha Alpo till Sweden."

These last two slides have serious color issues and even more serious schmutz issues. I made a brief attempt at fixing the color, seriously…I did. I finally gave up realizing I just didn't care.

Click on either gorgeous image to see the schmutz even better.

So say "So long to Sweden in 1959" (really, say it out loud and see if it doesn't make you feel good) and we'll see where Donald takes us next.


  1. Quite a festival outside that wooden church.

  2. The color is less important than the music!
    I think they went to Skansen, an open-air museum and zoo on an island called Djurgården in Stockholm.
    Follow the link for the full colorful effect.


    1. Yes, I figured it was probably Skansen since several other photos seemed to be taken there. Remember those lovely polar bears?