PHOTOGRAPHY 101: Class 3

Excuse me...class...class...may I have your attention? Thank you.

I know that our previous assignment caused some consternation within certain members of the class. Many of you found the subject of my talk less than informative and were quite vocal about it. I have put a sign-up sheet on my desk for those of you who wish to talk further about Fine Art Photography in the U.S. I'm always open to hearing what your thoughts are, but would prefer you not do it by un-friending me on Facebook. Thank you.

Now today we'll be discussing portraiture. How close is too close? And what about ambience? Important or not? Should the setting in which you pose your subject reflect something about a specific time and place? I believe so. Everyone has two eyes, a nose, and mouth...but what is there that sets them apart from everyone else? Their surroundings.

And if we break it down even more what about portraits of children with animals? By getting too close do you risk frightening the animal thus causing possible injury to the child? Or should children even be photographed with their favorite tiger? Perhaps a member of animal control should be on the premises. Just a suggestion.

Take a look at today's example and talk amongst yourselves because really I get paid whether you listen or not.

Oh imagine someone someday searching for "portraits of children with animals" and coming upon this. Oh, I do so apologize for misleading you so, but really...never trust anything you read on the net.


  1. Are those bone china or milk glass collectibles I see in the upper left portion of this photograph? Hmmmm.

  2. O.K., so in theory, the photo should be a little (or a lot) closer to really show off little Snookums and Tigger, but for those of us who are interested in the details - the lamp, the - uh- art, and the sofa, rug etc., this is a blessing in disguise.

  3. I can see my work her is done. My knowledge is your knowledge.

    And yes Dave, there is a milk glass chicken on the shelf. A small one. If it was my grandmother's house the chicken would be full of yummy fudge.