The Gray family got maybe TOO MUCH SUN

I'm calling them the Gray family, though their name is something like Seabcros. They were family relations in some manner of the Kallman family. I just can't figure out the spelling of the name. And try to imagine this "album" which is nothing more than black paper tied together with all photos stapled into the "book." Yes, I said stapled. You can see the staples in the shot below.

For my purpose they are the Gray family. The family that went to the beach and stayed out too long the day before they were getting the family portrait taken.

Another fine example of hand tinting. You can see yesterday's example here.

Click on image to see it larger.

I think you'll agree with me that this is some truly fine fine work. A portrait just calling out from the other side...


  1. I think this may be the strangest photo I've ever seen, with their faces painted and the rest of the photo in grey. Hand-tinted, you say?

  2. And just imagine that they thought so highly of this that it's one they gave out to family members. Would have been so much better if they'd left the color off. Okay, sure, it looks like they're at some weird Greek temple which in itself is pretty strange.