PHOTOGRAPHY 101: Class 2

Hello Class.

I know it's been a long time between classes, but I've been wandering the world taking photos for my new book People I Met and Wish I Hadn't which will be out this fall or next spring or...I'll keep you posted.

The last time we met I explained a variety of genres in photography. My example was of Fine Art Photography. I add the capitalization just so you know how very important this field is to the very heart and soul of this country. We here in the United States are still often looked down upon by our European brethren and sisterthin. I'm about to prove them wrong.

I don't think words are necessary. Just take it ALL in. There will be a short quiz discussing focal point: necessary or not? I think not. I believe this image proves my point.


  1. lol. Maybe the photog was going for depth of field - LEFT field.

  2. Great title for a book, hopefully they are acquaintances and not relatives you have found. LOL