It's my street, GO HOME!

Did any of these fellows end up in juvvie? Remember when that was a common phrase? You behaved bad and you'd up a JD, juvenile delinquent. I still remember my folks driving me by the "boys home" on Oahu. Just the thought of it scared me straight. One of my friends mother used to tell her a gypsy was going to take her away. I think all parents had their breaking point and some mysterious place they were going to send us.

What were these boys told, especially the one in the middle who is anticipating a rumble.

Click on image to see it larger.

These little darlings are from the Three Buck Big Box of Photos which continues to give and give. I'm thinking perhaps these boys have something to do with the boys in this photo. I'm seeing a family resemblance.


  1. Middle boy's hand is not actually in a fist but he's ready for anything and not going to put up with much, by all appearances. My parents threatened to drop me off at the orphanage and, sadly, I always thought they meant it. But then I was only 4 or 5 at the time.

  2. looking at this post and the one linked here, me thinks you might find answers at the local police department... or america's most wanted!!


  3. love this actually, although I wouldn't want to run into them.