FRIEND of Juanita or Charles?

If you've been following this site since earlier this year you might remember the odd photo album I featured that belonged to Chas. E. Thomas from Kentucky. I called it THE STRANGEST PHOTO ALBUM I Ever Bought. If you haven't seen it you might want to go back in time and check out the series of posts that featured one of his wives, Juanita.

Amongst all the duplicate shots of Juanita, her daughter, her former husband, etc. were some photobooth shots that had been hand tinted. This is one of them.

There's no information as to who this woman is. It's all a mystery. Who is she and who applied the color? With the oddness of the album there are a lot of stories that could probably be told about this woman.


  1. It somehow works for me - as art, strange as that may seem. Her gaze is not standard photo-booth fare, an almost Mona-Lisa smile. Her hair looks almost green to me, but since I'm color challenged, I'm not certain about that. I like it.

  2. Yes, it's oddly interesting with all the damage to it. I think it would be fascinating blown up.

  3. I love it. Andy Warhol's got nothing on that.

  4. Funny that that's the same thing I was thinking. More interesting than Warhol.