HE'S Baaaaaaack!

Anybody remember Ernie; the centerpiece to "One Man's Christmas" (here, here, here, and here) that I posted at the end of last year? Well, I'm pleased to announce there is more Ernie. I went back to the antique store where I found the initial 4 shots and found an additional 13. There were more shots of his kids, but those I left in the box. When it gets down to counting pennies after sorting through two boxes for several hours I end up having to whittle down my ultimate "want" pile. The kids are back in the box.

Ernie at a younger age happy with his Parcheesi gift. I once had the very same board, though there are no photos proving it as there is with Ernie.


  1. Just bought a Parcheesi game, vintage look newly re-issued and for sale at a 5 & 10 that still exists in Westwood, NJ.

  2. Lucky Ernie...I never had a Parchesi board.

  3. My Parcheesi board and my Monopoly game were both stolen when my folks cabin was on the market. Had one of those horrid lock boxes that realtors love to put on the doors and the keys that are everywhere. I'm still ticked off about it.