Gypsy went on cruise ships back in the day when it was a pleasant experience. The ships were beautiful and didn't look like the horrors of today, tankers filled to brim with shipping crates. There was fun and excitement to sailing across the sea; it started before you left port as you listened to the band and threw streamers off the ship to the people below on the docks. Those streamers were the only thing that tethered you to those not going along. You knew you were starting out on an adventure.

As a child in Hawaii we used to go down to visit new military families when they arrived. The dock was at the Honolulu Tower and there beside it would be one of the beautiful Matson liners. To a kid playing in the streamers thrown from the ship was just as much fun as being the one throwing them.

No idea where Gypsy was heading, but she certainly looks very happy. Over the next few days there will be two more photos of her aboard ship and a hint that she is most likely aboard a ship in the Pacific.

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  1. I was an avid cruiser but agree that the majesty of it has passed. There are still some high end lines that offer more of that "days gone by" stmosphere" than wall to wall people.

    I remember, as a 12-14 yr. old, when Gypsy hosted an afternoon TV show. I just picked up a biography on her at the library. She's an interesting woman.

  2. Yes, I too remember her show. Here it was on in the morning live from San Francisco. She was a fascinating intelligent woman.