No dog, no barrel, no tetherball...BUT...

Where's the dog? Where's the barrel? Where's the tetherball? Same backyard. Same view of laundry...but wait! There's new laundry! There's a variety of voyeur laundry! There's even a blanket! What? Too many exclamation points?

Okay, the obvious thing is that a new piece of equipment has been added to the yard and two little kids are happily enjoying it. Now, I don't know if this little girl always dressed up as if going to tea to play in the backyard, but I think she looks très chic with her fetching hat and purse.

Click on image to see it larger or just go outside for a walk.

So we bid farewell to the backyard from the Three Buck Big Box of Photos. It's been boring while it lasted. We'll never know anything else about this backyard...or will we?

Could it be? Is it possible? Is that really the checkerboard wall that Whitey, I mean Kenney, (here and here) stood in front of so many months ago? With the same dog? The plot thickens like a bowl of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom set out on the porch too long.

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