The BOY, the DOG, the BARREL, the TETHERBALL, and the LAUNDRY

Who remembers Margaret? Margaret and the Three Buck Big Box of Photos?

Well, I decided to take out the "collection" and see what was worth posting. Of course, none of the photos are major works of anything. They're just a bunch of snapshots from an old box bought at the flea market. The fact that Margaret is affiliated with them has just given them more charm.

Want to see previous posts? Just Google "Three Buck Big Box of Photos" and you'll see links to the old photos. I'm not kidding. That phrase has now become a Google search phrase. Weird. Apparently nobody else has ever used that phrase online. Yee haw! I have created something. A useless phrase. I will now put it on my resume as "writer of searchable phrase."

Today I give you a boy in the backyard with his dog sitting on a barrel next to a tetherball with the voyeur laundry in the background. Who didn't have a barrel in their backyard? Oh sure, some of you probably had tetherballs, but a barrel? How cool is that?

Click on image to see it larger.

And now you're thinking (as if I may presume to know what you're thinking), "Yes, but does she have more photos of the dog, the barrel, the tetherball, and the laundry? Could this possibly be a category?"

Indeed it can folks, indeed it can.


  1. And then the bigger question is: Does anyone still play tetherball?

  2. Good question! I imagine they're banned from school yards because obviously they're lethal. Perhaps Wii has made a virtual one so you never have to leave the house and get dirty.

  3. What about "Untied Shoe?" Isn't that a category too?

  4. Oh yes, yes! It's a category.

    I must find more.