I don't know anything about this woman other than what I can "see" in the photos I bought. I did a post about her several years ago entitled "I hope HER VALENTINE WAS TRUE." I've decided to feature the other photos I have of her; let you enjoy this beautiful and stylish woman.

I call her Gypsy, which would probably displease her, but there is one specific photo where she reminds me of Gypsy Rose Lee. Yes, the burlesque star; the high class stripper who my mother used to tell me about seeing when she had a stopover in Chicago while taking the train to California. She always told me the woman had style.

So take a look at the old Valentine and then the photo below. There will be 11 more in the series. This one was taken at a studio with the name "Jerome" on the back.

I can say that she lived in the San Francisco area; I do know that much. I so wish I'd bought more of her photos, but the seller at the antique store no longer has a booth.


  1. Now that is a classy photo. Wonderful!

  2. that is a beautiful woman- hubba hubba