Gypsy POSE

There's really nothing to say about this other than once again this woman looks lovely. I'm imagining this is 1940s to early '50s. People were still wearing gloves in San Francisco in the early '60s too.

Again, I'd love to see all of the colors in this.

The next few days are nothing more than a fashion show by a woman who had a lot of style throughout her life. Well, I have no idea what she was like as a child. She'd be a fascinating story. What was her childhood like that she grew up to be so fashion conscious? You'll eventually see the final shot that shows right up through her later years she was stepping out.


  1. And what was the reason for the photographs? Was it a decision just to take a picture of all of the clothes in her closet?

  2. I'm thinking they're probably all clothes she took on vacations. Either that, or she just liked to keep track of her clothes in a photo album. We'll never know.

    And yes, the furniture in the room is fascinating. West coast Asian influenced. Pretty common around here.