I find this photo fascinating for a few reasons.

The photo is in a frame and unfortunately the front of the image is now glued to the glass. There's no way I know of to remove the image without damaging it. So it will always be stuck going through life with a cheesy dime store metal frame.

Click on image to see it larger.

The second thing that interests me is the fellows uniform. Anyone have any idea what it is? There's something Russian looking about the couple, but I could be wrong. I'd certainly be fascinated to hear what others think.

And then there's the woman with the heavy framed glasses without stems. Imagine keeping those on your nose all the time without your ears doing any of the heavy lifting.

What was their history? Did he go to war? Did he return? Were there children? All that information is lost with time.

If you don't read my other blog, Tattered and Lost Ephemera, the ¡Viva Fiesta! image in the left margin will seem out of place on a photography blog. So to find out a little bit of history about it click here.


  1. Maybe Russian..the buttons and the his cap have me stumped..Russian WWI uniforms had similar buttons as in single row up to the neck.
    Those glasses that pinch your nose could not have been comfortable..but I read where they were a fashion statement and the gals felt it made them look older and very glamerous:)

  2. I've been leaning towards Russian too. There's no insignias to be seen which is a shame.

    And those glasses? Fashion do or don't? At least it isn't a monocle. Never could figure those out. I can't imagine keeping muscles so tense as to keep one of those in.

  3. Well a monocle was not kept on permanently. It was used like reading glasses or a magnifying glass. Generally a monocle hung on a silk cord around the neck and was stowed in a pocket when not in use. These pince nez type glasses are weird feeling and I don't think I could get used to them.