Here is a RPPC with no information given on the back. I call it "Baby Takes Wing." I can almost see the anxious bouncing, arms outstretched, ears/flaps up reading for crosswinds. Its little engine is revving knowing in just a moment it will be able to take flight across the studio and fly around and around up at the ceiling. Mother has other plans. Father is thinking that yes, it would be fun to fly. And the photographer? Oh, the poor photographer is wishing his day would be filled with sleeping nonmoving babies so that he wouldn't need to keep doing re-dos because the little dears are constantly blurred.

This is another image from Bert's collection.

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Fly baby, fly!!!


  1. I love your sense of humor! I think Dad and Baby look quite a lot alike. And Dad looks so proud of Baby.

  2. That baby was excited and very awake..I noticed Dad one foot is a bit fuzzy too. Did I say it is good to have you back? It is:)

  3. Yes, dad's foot is a bit a buzz too. Perhaps he's also wishing to take flight.

    It's good to be back. I've missed doing this.

  4. Lots of personality in this, usually they're so stiff.

  5. Yes, that little bundle of energy in the middle is what turns this shot around. If they baby had been held silently in her arms it would have just been another forgettable studio shot.