First the House Was Here Then POOF, IT WAS GONE!

I honestly have no idea what is going on in this photo. I guess, and I'm sure I'm wrong, that this is a family visiting a spot out on the prairie where their house used to be. In my mind I have a whole scenario of a happy family that looses everything to a tornado and then takes a leisurely Sunday drive to picnic on their old stomping grounds.

Click on image to see it larger.

It seems an odd place to pose and even odder the way they're grouped. But hey, it must have made sense to them at the time. We'll never know.

This is a RPPC from Bert's collection.


  1. City folk come to visit the poor relatives in the country:)

  2. Or showing up for Thanksgiving only to find your relatives have moved and left no forwarding address?

  3. That is a remarkable photo. It has been five years since the tornado hit our town. They had to block the street entrances to keep the gawkers away.

  4. I cannot imagine living in tornado country. Visiting South Dakota a few years ago when they came on the tv with warnings freaked me out. I was ready to run home to the west. Sorry your town was hit.