Do you know about the Leaners? People who lean in when a photo is being taken? Sometimes it's just two people leaning towards each other. Sometimes it's a group of people all leaning towards the center, perhaps thinking if they don't they'll not be in the photo.

I give my best friend an elbow nudge about this because so often she has sent me family photos where one or more family member is leaning. I call them The Leaners.

I now give you...the Kneelers. An entire family of kneelers. And they did this because...?

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Were they worried someone across the street would see them being photographed so they tried to hide behind the porch railing? Did they know their nosy neighbor Mrs. Plunken would come rushing across the street wanting to be in the shot?

Were they a family of performers that liked to duck walk?

Or was it because that's where the sun was? Did the photographer want them to go off the porch onto the lawn, but the patriarch of the family refused and sat his rear down on a tub of nails forcing the rest of the family to kneel to be around him?

We'll never know. Nothing is written on the back. They will henceforth be known as The Kneelers.

Another image from Bert's collection.


  1. I believe you're right! It is a category. I must find more.

  2. Ah yes it is a category for sure! I thought perhaps Grandpa was confined to a chair and everyone kneeled down so the photo wouldn't look strange..and now it looks even stranger:)