I'm now officially rusty at blogging having been away for so long. Net access has kept me away and will continue to keep me on a short leash. It is taking an unmerciful time to drop to a useable buffer zone for usage. And I don't want to talk to tech support again because if I hear someone say "thirty days, thirty days" one more time I'll completely lose it.

So, I've gotten that out of my system and now hope to be able to begin posting again, all the while keeping an eye on Wild Blue's stupid blue arrow indicating usage.

While away I have had a quite wonderful thing happen. Last week I met a very kind gentleman who gave me his vintage photography collection in pay for my providing him with tutoring on his computer, specifically a Wacom tablet and Photoshop Elements. His name is Bert and I hope to be able to provide him with more help in payment for his collection. Mostly cabinet cards, some snapshots, several framed photos, and a few interesting landscape shots. Alas, virtually all of them have nothing written on the back so other than the photographer's info we'll know nothing about the people or places.

I'm going to start with this lovely framed piece. Because it is framed behind glass the scanned image is not nearly as clear as it would be if you were holding it. I'm not willing to take it out of the old frame.

Click on image to see it larger.

Sisters? Friends? Did this hang on a mother or father's wall, an image of their two daughters? Was the portrait shot in the United States or in a European country?

Bert, the collector, was at sea for many many years as a merchant seaman. He travelled both the Pacific and Atlantic. Perhaps this was purchased on one of his journeys. He also loved to haunt flea markets for captivating images and I look forward to sharing many of them with you.

There's something about this framed portrait that almost looks religious in nature. I sense a feeling of a religious icon when I hold it.


  1. perhaps they're Italian, they have faces of the Madonna.

  2. I think you're right Maureen.

  3. Glad to see you back and some of your new images!

  4. Did you scan this photograph and frame or is this a photograph of the framed photo? If it's a scan, it's amazing! I wouldn't want to take it out of the frame, either.

  5. Sisters I would bet..their gowns match..and are quite stunning in a formal kind of way.
    Greet Bert..he sounds like my kind of guy!! :)

  6. Yes, Bert is quite amazing. Very interesting and intelligent. Has great interest in a variety of things.

  7. I think they might be fraternal twins. That could be the reason their dresses are identical.

  8. Brenna, you might be right. There's nothing written on the backing so we'll never know.